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Updated: 6th November 2006

Welcome to Synsoft, Synesis Software's D, Java, .NET, Perl and Python organisation

SynSoft is a non-commercial imprint of Synesis Software, the purpose being the release into the public-domain resources of various technologies that were formerly the private proprietary property of Synesis Software.

All the SynSoft library components (source code, executable scripts and libraries) are licensed according to the Synesis Software Standard Public License, which simply means that the components are free for use in commercial and non-commercial applications, redistribution of the components must be accompanied by the license agreements with which the components are supplied, and that the components are provided "as is" without warranty expressed or implied.

We encourage you to download and use these components, and to provide bug-reports and feature requests to admin@synsoft.org.


16th September 2003
 - update of SynSoft D libraries, including synsoft.reg.win32 module.

3rd July 2003
 - update of SynSoft .NET libraries, including Security assembly.
 - minor update (version 1.1) of SynSoft D libraries.
 - minor updates to SynSoft Perl scripts (tabify.pl and untabify.pl).

3rd April 2003
 - initial release of SynSoft D libraries.
 - full release of SynSoft .NET libraries.

25th February 2003
 - initial release of SynSoft .NET libraries.
 - initial release of SynSoft Perl scripts.

25th April 2002
 - release of SynSoft Java Standard Library 2.0.1.

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