Matthew Wilson has been asked to be a columnist for the ACCU's peer-reviewed journal Overload.

Aztec Australia

Aztec Australia's Temple 7 enters beta testing phase, with the expectation of delivery before Q4 2009.

Synesis Software

After several years of being treated as a low priority, the Synesis Software website has finally been updated.

FastFormat released: the fastest, most robust, and most flexible C++ formatting library ever created

**mystery client**'s diagnostic logging library customisations delivered. More than 100 billion log statements processed without failure.

News Digital Media

News Digital Careers' development team successfully delivered Transformation Project, a substantial upgrade to

Extended STL, volume 1

Addison-Wesley publishes Matthew Wilson's second book Extended STL, volume 1: Collections and Iterators.

MBF Australia

Synesis Software develops middleware sub-systems for MBF Australia's national EFTPOS processing system.

Imperfect C++

Addison-Wesley publishes Matthew Wilson's first book Imperfect C++.

Synesis Software as a service provider

Synesis Software provides consulting services, custom product development, and training to some of the world's leading organisations. The company's specialist consultants are experts in their fields, providing targeted, cost-effective solutions that are appropriate not just for today's business requirements, but that well-crafted to adapt to the evolving needs of your business.

Synesis Software's success lies with its clients, all of whom depend on high quality, up-to-date software development expertise and support at many levels, including programming, software development management, architecture & design, technical interviewing, and training. Synesis provides services aimed at helping organisations to deliver software that is robust, reliable and future-proof.

In case after case, Synesis Software provides software solutions that do what is intended, and do not break.

Synesis Software as a provider of development resources

Synesis Software is involved in the research and development of software development technologies and resources, several of which are in use in major commercial deployments in North America, Europe and throughout Australia.

Principally among these are several software libraries, including: STLSoft, b64, recls, VOLE, and xCover. Most notable of Synesis' open-source efforts are:

  • FastFormat, a high-performance C++ formatting library, and
  • Pantheios, a high-performance C/C++ diagnostic logging library.

Both of these libraries are the most robust, most flexible, and best performing libraries of their kind ever created.

Synesis Software apply the expertise used to create these best-of-breed libraries when helping you design your software systems, ensuring you have the best possible competitive advantages in application stability, performance and maintainability.

Synesis Software as a research and development leader

In addition to the provision of various free software components and open-source libraries, Synesis Software contributes articles and information to various industry journals - Byte, CVu; C/C++ Users Journal; Dr Dobb's Journal; Overload; The C++ Source - as well as providing technical editing to a number of software-related book publishers. And Matthew Wilson has published two books for Addison-Wesley: Imperfect C++ (2004) and Extended STL, volume 1 (2007). He is currently working on a suite of books illustrating how to maximise software quality across languages (incorporating C, C++, C#, Java, Python and Ruby).