Updated: 23rd February 2012

Welcome to Synesis Software's C/C++ Software Resource Site.

Listed here are software tools and libraries (most open-source, some closed-source), provided by Synesis Software.

Open-source libraries:

Software tools and utilities:

Synesis Software Open-Source Libraries: Binaries

These are the latest builds of the binaries for the following open source projects:

    openrj.COM (COM mapping to the Open-RJ library) openrj.COM-1.0.1.exe
    pantheios.COM (A COM diagnostic logging library loosely based on (and implemented in terms of) Pantheios - The C++ Diagnostic Logging Sweetspot library) pantheios.COM-1.0.1.exe
    Python Libs (An installer for the Python mappings of the Open-RJ and recls libraries) synesis-python-libs-2006-09-26.exe
    Ruby Libs (An installer for the Ruby mappings of the Open-RJ and recls libraries) synesis-ruby-libs-2006-09-26.exe

Synesis Software Common Binaries

Common Binaries

Note: These are the latest upgrades for the Synesis Software common libraries (DLLs) for Windows operating systems. Please consult with your supplier before upgrading.

Release commmod-release-
Debug commmod-debug-
Release commmod-release-
Debug commmod-debug-