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Website redev in progress (Aug-Sep 2015) ...

Anyone who's visited the Synesis web-site in recent times will have noticed precious little activity. This is mainly because we've been busy doing other things, but it's not much of an excuse. We'll be sorting this over the next couple of months.




9th Oct 2015 New permanent job for Matt : Matt's been recruited to what promises to be a very demanding, educational, exciting, and interesting permanent role, about which some more details may be forthcoming in the coming months. In consequence, Synesis Software's usual commercial activities have been suspended for the foreseeable future. Open-source libraries will still be supported, and option-source activities will still continue, and we'll still be taking sponsorship for new features or other work for the open-source libraries.
9th Oct 2015 Release of recls 1.9.4
29th Sept 2015 Release of recls 1.9.1
28th Sept 2015 Release of libCLImate 0.3.2 to GitHub
27th Sept 2015 Release of Pantheios 1.0.1 (beta 215)
26th Sept 2015 Release of FastFormat 0.7.1
25th Sept 2015 Release of STLSoft 1.2.121
22nd Sept 2015 Release of FastFormat 0.7.1 a9 RC 1 to GitHub
21st Sept 2015 Release of Pantheios 1.0.1 b215 RC 1 to GitHub
17th Sept 2015 Release of Pantheios.Extras.DiagUtil 0.1 to GitHub
16th Sept 2015 Release of Pantheios.Extras.Main 0.1 to GitHub
15th Sept 2015 Release of Pantheios.Extras.xHelpers 0.1 to GitHub
14th Sept 2015 Release of STLSoft 1.10.1 alpha-19
8th Sept 2015 Release of latest version of CLASP into Synesis Software's GitHub repo
8th Sept 2015 STLSoft 1.9.120 released
7th Sept 2015 Renaissance Programmer post Getting the current time and displaying in HH:MM:SS.mmm updated for Node.js, PowerShell, Swift.
4th Sept 2015 b64 project now available at GitHub
29th Aug 2015 Renaissance Programmer post Small but powerful UI highlight decorations in WinForms with closures
26th Aug 2015 Renaissance Programmer post cat in Node
26th Aug 2015 STLSoft 1.9.119 released